Magical Voice In The Forest

Magical Voice In The Forest has just been released on December 22, 2015 and is available for order here.

A young girl in the forest sings an enchanting lullaby. A passing horseman hears her voice and seeks her out, but she hides from him. Will he find her?

Lê Phạm Lê has created an imaginary world based on fairytales she read as a child in Việt Nam. She delights her readers and evokes their curiosity through unpredictable storylines.

As a child, Lê loved to play “Hide and Seek” with her friends. She also loved to read, hiding herself away in the corners of her house, sometimes even skipping her family lunchtime! In writing this story as a reflection of her childhood, Lê hopes readers will discover the same magical adventures she had as a child!

View the video trailer: