Magical-Voice-In-The-Forest-Book-CoverMagical Voice In The Forest has just been released on December 22, 2015 and is available for order here.

A young girl in the forest sings an enchanting lullaby. A passing horseman hears her voice and seeks her out, but she hides from him. Will he find her?

Lê Phạm Lê has created an imaginary world based on fairytales she read as a child in Việt Nam. She delights her readers and evokes their curiosity through unpredictable story lines. This is Le’s first children’s book.

View the video trailer here.

GuavaHill for LPLGuava Hill will be released on February 2, 2016 and will be available for order here.

Our swordfights were legendary. Nam was our leader and we followed him. As children, we played make-believe war–that was all we knew.

Le Pham Le’s delightful imaginary world, based on her experiences of growing up in Vietnam during a period of strife and war, celebrates the resilience and creativity of children.

View the video trailer here.

hiiiddefThe Baby Sparrow Song will be published in March 2016 and will be available for order here.

A baby sparrow falls from her nest during feeding time. How will she find her mother?

Inspired by their close bond, Lê Phạm Lê captures mother and daughter’s struggle to reconnect. Readers will get a glimpse into the fascinating life of birds.

View the video trailer here.

Waves-Beyond-Waves-CoverTrùng Dương Sóng Vỗ/Waves Beyond Waves/荒波を越えてTrilingual collection of poems (Vietnamese/English/Japanese) with Nancy Arbuthnot and Noriko Mizusaki. Published by Chikurintan, Japan, 2013.

Order your copy here.


book-coverGió Thổi Phương Nào/From Where The Wind Blows—Bilingual collection of poems (Vietnamese/English) with Nancy Arbuthnot. Published by Vietnamese International Poetry Society, USA, 2003.

Out of print.




Poems appeared in anthologies and literary magazines:

 Nancy Arbuthnot and Lê Phạm Lê Translate Lê Phạm Lê                                                               “Thăm Annapolis”/”In Annapolis”

Lê Phạm Lê, Translated by Lê Phạm Lê and Nancy Arbuthnot                                                        Tiếng Dế Đêm/Crickets’ Complaints; Sông Cạn, Đá Mòn/Shallow Rivers; Hồng Đà Lạt/Đà Lạt Persimmon; Hoa Bưởi/Grapefruit Flowers; Về Thăm Lại Annapolis/Annapolis Revisited

East Asia Journal (Fall 2010, Vietnamese/English):
“Thăm Annapolis”/”In Annapolis,” “Hẹn Hò/Dating,” “Hạ Khúc/Locust Song,” “Gió Hoang/Wild Wind,” Bão Tuyết/Snowstorm”

The World Contemporary Asiatic Poetry Anthology (Spring 2010, English/Japanese): “Who Creates the Wind,” “Perception,” “Echo,” “Gifts,” “Coincidence,” “In Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp,” “Simplicity,” “Wanderers,” “Late Night,” “Immigrant Interview,” “Toward the Promised Land,” “Midnight,” “Mother,” “Uphill Road,” “Night Wind,” “Taking the Mỹ Thuận Ferry,” “Affection,” “Prayers,” “Resettlement,” “Sand Castle,” “Night Shadow,” “The Painting,” “A Mother Applauding,” “From All Paths of Life,” “Kim Sơn Monastery”

Source—Women in Translation (Summer 2010, Vietnamese/English): “Vắng Anh/Without You,” “Vườn Thơ/Poetry Garden,” “Gió Hoang/Wild Wind,” “Từ Bay Area/From the Bay Area”

Zoland Poetry (Spring 2009, Vietnamese/English): “Mặc Niệm/In Silence,” “Hương Thời Gian/In Annapolis”

Bút Tre (Fall 2008, Vietnamese only): “Trăng Thu/Nhịp Câud Giao Cảm”

World Literature Today (May/June 2008, Vietnamese/English): “Màu Kỷ Niệm/The Purple Dress,” “Vắng Anh/Without You,” “Lỡ Làng/Love Lament,” “Gió và Trăng/Wind and Moon,” “Vườn Thơ/Poetry Garden,” “Hội Ngộ/Return Journey,” “Hẹn Hò/Dating”

Đặc San Xuân Hoàng Diệu (Spring 2008, Vietnamese only): “Tình Cờ/Coincidence,” “Bức Họa/The Painting”

Fence Magazine (April & June Issues, 2007, English/Japanese): “Who Creates the Wind,” “Perception,” “Echo,” “Gift”

Beacons (Fall 2007, Vietnamese/English): “Mưa/Rain,” “Xao Xuyến/Lovestruck),” “Bạn Tri Âm/Friendship,” “Dòng Sông Bạc/The Silver River”

Sirena: Poetry, Art, and Criticism/Poesia Arte y Critica (Spring 2007, Vietnamese/English/Spanish): “Sương Khói/Flying Mist/La Neblina,” “Đọc Thơ Kiều tại UC Berkeley/Reading The Tale of Kiều at UC Berkeley/Leyendo la Historia de Kiều de Nguyễn Du en UC Berkeley,” “Bà Tôi Hát Bài Ca Dao/My Grandmother Sang Ca Dao/Mi Abuela Canta Ca Dao”

Drumvoices Revue (Fall 2007, English): “A Call from Afar”

Arabesques International Review (2006 Anthology, Vietnamese/English): “Cát Bụi/Dust of Life, Ra Đi/Leaving”

Nimrod International Literary Magazine (Spring/Summer 2004, Vietnamese/English): “Đơn Sơ/Simplicity,” “Bên Cầu (Dáng Yêu)/By the Bridge”

Fleurs D’Amour (2004, Vietnamese/English/French):
« Gửi Về Bên Ấy/To Rivers and Mountains/Salue pour Moi les Fleuves et les Montagnes »

Cụm Hoa Tình Yêu (2004, Vietnamese): “Hạ Khúc,” “Bão Tuyết »

Current (2004, English): “Trúc Lâm Thiền Viện/Trúc Lâm Monastery”

Erbacce/UK (2004, English): “Bão Tuyết”

Beacons (2003, Vietnamese/English): “Thánh Thiện/Young Nun,” “Chiếc Lá Sau Cùng/When the Last Leaf Falls”

Cỏ Thơm (2002, Vietnamese): “Chuông Nhà Thờ”

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