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Magical Voice In The Forest

Magical Voice In The Forest has just been released on December 22, 2015 and is available for order here.

A young girl in the forest sings an enchanting lullaby. A passing horseman hears her voice and seeks her out, but she hides from him. Will he find her?

Lê Phạm Lê has created an imaginary world based on fairytales she read as a child in Việt Nam. She delights her readers and evokes their curiosity through unpredictable storylines.

As a child, Lê loved to play “Hide and Seek” with her friends. She also loved to read, hiding herself away in the corners of her house, sometimes even skipping her family lunchtime! In writing this story as a reflection of her childhood, Lê hopes readers will discover the same magical adventures she had as a child!

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Guava Hill

Guava Hill was released on February 2, 2016 and is available for order here.

Our swordfights were legendary. Nam was our leader and we followed him. As children, we played make-believe war–that was all we knew.

Lê Phạm Lê’s delightful imaginary world, based on her experiences of growing up in Việt Nam during a period of strife and war, celebrates the resilience and creativity of children.

Lê grew up playing make-believe war with her childhood friends on the guava hill behind her parents’ house. She recalls walking by the Buddhist temples in her village while picking fragrant Asian magnolia flowers to wash her hair! Lê’s readers will rediscover the youthful passion they had as children.

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The Baby Sparrow Song

The Baby Sparrow Song will be published in March 2016 and will be available for order here.

A baby sparrow falls from her nest during feeding time. How will she find her mother?

Inspired by their close bond, Lê Phạm Lê captures mother and daughter’s struggle to reconnect. Readers will get a glimpse into the fascinating life of birds.

One of Lê’s childhood hobbies included observing newborn birds learning to fly as they hopped around on their tiny feet. She enjoyed imitating the whistling sounds they made. Lê hopes readers will discover the love for birds as she did as a child!