Tour Schedule


01/28/17 Book Signing, Diablo Valley Literacy Council, Concord, CA 94521


11/27-30/2016 Poetry Workshop at UPLI–World Congress of Poets, Sonoma, CA 94928

10/14/2016 Book Signing, Multi–culture Festival, Pittsburg, CA 94565

10/08/2016  Poetry Reciting at ALTA Conference, Oakland, CA 94607

Le Pham Le 3 books sep 2016


Past Performances

9/10/2016 Book Signing, Railroad Book Depot, Pittsburg, CA 94565

9/01/2016 Presentation at Los Medanos College-Children Literature, Pittsburg, CA 94565

3/5/2016 Book Reading, Railroad Book Depot, Pittsburg, CA 94565

2/18/2016 Book Signing, Senior Center, Pittsburg, CA 94565


12/19/2015 Book Signing, Cup O’ Jo’ Coffee House, Clayton, CA

12/5/2015 Book Signing, Railroad Book Depot, Pittsburg, CA 94565

10/31/2015 ALTA Conference, Tucson, AZ (by Nancy Arbuthnot)

5/13/2015 Book Depot, Pittsburg, CA 94565 (with Nancy Arbuthnot)


3/25-3/29/2014 World Congress of Poets, Osaka, Japan (with Nancy Arbuthnot & Noriko Mizusaki)

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10/16-10/19/2013 ALTA Conference, Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN (with Nancy Arbuthnot & Noriko Mizusaki)


4/28/10 Fall Literary Series, Poetry Foundation, Chicago, IL

4/24/10 VSA Lecture Series, Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN

4/2/10 Asian Forum, US Naval Academy, Washington DC (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

4/1/10  US Naval Academy, Washington DC (with Nancy Arbuthnot)


11/11/09  ALTA Conference, Pasadena, CA (with Nancy Arbuthnot and Noriko Mizusaki)



8/23/08 Great Night of Soul poetry, Berkeley, CA (with Dan & Dale’s)

4/10/08 San Francisco State University, Immigrant & Refugee Women Studies, San Francisco, CA

3/10/08 Los Medanos Community College Women Authors, Pittsburg, CA


11/9/07 ALTA Conference, Dallas, TX (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

5/8/07 Center for Art of Translation, San Francisco, CA (with John Balaban)


12/06/06 Los Medanos Community College, Annual Poetry Reading, Pittsburg, CA

10/20/06 ALTA Conference, Seattle, WA (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

9/16/06 Dr. Luther King Public Library, San Jose, CA

8/26/06The Great Night of Soul Poetry, Berkeley, CA (with Dan & Dale’s)

5/1/06 Los Medanos Community College, Creating Writing, Pittsburg, CA


7/29/05 Seaflow/Poetry Night, Berkeley Church, CA (with George Taylor)

7/21/05 Ohlone Community College, American Literature, Fremont, CA

5/2/05 Los Medanos Community College, Asian-American Literature, Pittsburg, CA

4/26/05 Evergreen Valley Community College, San Jose, CA

3/09/05 Los Medanos Community College, Writers’ Presence, Pittsburg, CA

3/04/05 The Great Night of Soul Poetry, Berkeley, CA (with Dan & Dale’s)

1/07/05 What’s Going On in California Exhibition, Oakland Museum Part II, Oakland, CA


12/17/04 Contra Costa Community College District’s “College Profile” TV Interview, Bay Area, CA

12/01/04 Los Medanos Community College Reading/Writing Center, Pittsburg, CA

11/17/04 UCLA, Center of South East Asian Studies Colloquium Series, Los Angeles, CA

10/28/04 ALTA conference, Las Vegas, NV (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

8/26/04 What’s Going On in California Exhibition, Oakland Museum Part I, Oakland, CA

5/13/04 Contra Costa Community College, San Pablo, CA (with Baji Daniels)

4/23/04 CATESOL Conference, Santa Clara, CA, (with Alan Tuft & Joanna Folino)

4/18/04 Stanford Culture Night, Palo Alto, CA (with Katherine Vu)

4/13/04 Yale University, New Haven, CT, (with Hoang-Tuoc Pham Le)

4/10/04 Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA (with John Balaban & Nom Foundatiom)

4/04/04 Vietnamese International Poetry Society, Sacramento, CA

4/03/04 SF Public Library, San Francisco, CA, (with John Balaban)

3/03/04 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, (with Dan-Thanh Le)

2/10/04 FM 96.1/Thi Van Tao Dan Hai Ngoai, San Jose, CA (by Dan-Hung)

2/04/04 LMC Reading/Writing Center, Los Medanos College, Pittsburg, CA

1/17/04 Diablo Valley Literacy Council, Concord, CA


11/13/03 ALTA Annual Conference, Boston, MT (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

11/06/03 Between Cultures Dinner, San Francisco, CA

10/12/03 Diablo Valley Literacy Council 25th Celebration, Concord, CA

10/04/03 City College of San Francisco Asian Cultural Dinner, San Francisco, CA

9/12/03 Thai and Vietnamese Literature, Berkeley University, Berkeley, CA

8/16/03 Boardecia’s Bookstore, Kensington, CA

04/22/03 US Naval Academy, Washington DC, (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

3/06/03 Vietnamese American Professional Alliance, San Jose, CA


10/18/02 ALTA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, (with Nancy Arbuthnot)

9/22/02 SF Public Library, San Francisco, CA, (with John Balaban)

4/22/02 Word Festivals, Los Medanos Community College, Pittsburg, CA


10/2001 ALTA Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC, (with Nancy Arbuthnot)